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To all our Dear Friends of Paternoster Family Farms,

We want to let you know, that after much consideration, Steve and I have decided to discontinue our mail order business. Several issues have factored into this decision; shipping rate increases, fuel costs, etc., but most of all, it's just too much for us with the other work we've got going. Our son Mark had hoped to take it over, but with attending college full-time, it just isn't working out for him.

What makes us the most sad about not doing the mail order, is losing contact with all the great friends we've made the last 22 years. You have been the best customers and we were happy that we could get our oranges directly to you. We know how difficult it is to find a decent orange in the grocery store.

We recommend checking out The Orange Store in Exeter,CA, online. They are a family-run business who also grow their own citrus.

We hope that if you are in California sometime, you will stop by and see us. We'll send you home with some fruit right off the tree! :-) Thank you again for your friendship and loyalty these past 22 years!

All the Best,

Steve and Joanie Paternoster